Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Library works with fellow Frog on charity

The Mary Couts Burnett Library staff has historically been very charitable, especially at Christmas. But this season the group - who teamed up with Instructional Services and other departments inside the library - had an especially rewarding experience.

Each November and December, the library seeks out a charity to assist for the holidays. In past years, the group has
worked with Lena Pope Home, Presbyterian Night Shelter and various women's clinics.

This year, they found a fellow Horned Frog to help.

"It was random happenstance," says James Lutz, director of library administrative services, who helped organize the effort. "We wanted to assist a group that benefits children this year and wound up talking to Alliance For Children and meeting Lindsey."

Lindsey Dula '00, forensic interviewer for AFC, was helping coordinate Alliance's gift donations and was eager to work with her alma mater. AFC is a Tarrant County non-profit group that works to prevent
child abuse.

"One of the reasons we liked Alliance For Children was how flexible they were," Lutz said.

The center provided children's wish list tags, which the TCU group took and hung from garland in a hallway in the library. Employees grabbed what they felt they could bring.

"We felt like it was easy to help," Lutz said. "People could bring anything on the tags, even things from their attic. And some people did."

The group got creative in finding ways to get items on the tags. One donor worked with the TCU tennis team to get some old raquets restrung.

Alliance for Children also accepted Christmas supplies, such as wrapping paper, bows and gift bags.

"That part made it feel like more than a charity," Lutz said. "It felt like we were empowering parents and families. They had the tools to be part of Christmas, not just get something someone else wrapped."

It took two staff people to help Lutz transport the gifts to the center just before Christmas.

"They were tremendously grateful for what we brought over," Lutz said. "The response was so good on our side that I think we're going to work with them again next year."

- Rick

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