Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Power washing Sadler; bricking Scharbauer

Using power washers and brushes, utility crews worked today to clean up the outside of Sadler Hall. Built-up grime was not hard to see, as workers stood atop three cranes on the building's front, back and south sides. The work will be completed by week's end.

Meanwhile, crews have built a wood ramp on the north side of the front steps to make the building accessible to the disabled on side facing University Drive. Additionally, on the Sadler lobby steps, a lift has been installed, although it is not yet operational. The ramp in the back of Sadler which led to the old post office remains.

Other construction workers continued bricking the outside of Scharbauer Hall and adding the concrete seal adornments on the building's facade, which now mirrors the Brown-Lupton University Union. (And no, the magazine simply will not use the union's unfortunately common acronym.) Scharbauer Hall will open in January 2010 as the home to the John V. Roach Honors College.

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