Thursday, August 20, 2009

Campus move-in

This week brought thousands of families to campus for residence hall move-in, and for the fourth year, faculty and staff volunteers were there to help. Lugging suitcases, laundry hampers, guitar cases and more, approximately 150 helpers lent a hand over four days in one the best shows of the genuine friendliness found at TCU, said Dave Cooper, associate director of Residential Services.

I helped out at a very slow Brachman Hall. With classes starting Monday, most students seemed to already be here. Here's a look at Campus Move-In 2009 by the numbers:

1,860: Number of new students moving into housing on Aug. 12, 14, 17 and 19. ( That's up from the earlier estimate of 1,750 in the press release.)

150: Number of faculty, staff and students volunteered to help new students move in. Only about 30 of the 150 are students.

450-500: Number of volunteer hours expected to be contributed by people helping freshmen move in.

3,900: Number of freshmen and upper classmen living in campus housing this fall.

600: Number of fraternity and sorority members living in Greek housing.

2,003: Number of rooms in campus housing, including Greek housing.

1,713: Number of rooms in campus housing, excluding Greek housing.

350: Number of rooms in Milton Daniel that are not in use during renovation. (Colby Hall will be next, by the way. Look for it to close in Summer 2010 and reopen by August 2011.)

7: Residence halls designated exclusively for freshmen - Colby (All freshmen women); Clark (co-ed and freshmen Honors housing); Foster (co-ed housing and Freshmen Interest Groups); Waits, Brachman and Moncrief also house co-ed freshmen.

4: Semesters that freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus, which includes TCU-affiliated housing at the privately owned The GrandMarc at West Berry.

3,900: Beds on campus, including in fraternity and sorority houses.

25: Percent of students living on campus who are juniors or seniors.

(Photo by Glen E. Ellman)

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