Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Frog Blog is now Mem'ries Sweet Blog

You may have noticed that we haven't posted to our old Frog Blog very often since spring. The magazine staff has been talking about what would be a better use of this weblog space, and we have concluded that we need more nostalgia pieces that would be of interest to our audience.

TCU has begun its 140th academic year and there is lots of history from which to choose. A few times a week, we aim to share with the TCU community short items from the TCU Daily Skiff, The TCU Magazine (or its old moniker This Is TCU), the Horned Frog yearbook and stuff our readers send to us.

We invite you to comment, share, expound and add to what we post. You're a part of TCU's great history and lore. In this space, we'll celebrate it together.

If you have ideas for content, email your thoughts to tcumagazine@tcu.edu and put Mem'ries Sweet in the subject line.

Go Frogs!

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