Friday, March 27, 2009

Walkers get rewards

The 4th annual TCU Pedometer Challenge wrapped up today and participants got their just desserts – a table laden with brownies, biscotti and other baked goodies.

The six-week-long event encourages TCU employees to take steps – literally - toward a healthier lifestyle, handing out free pedometers to tally their steps. Today prizes were awarded for those with the highest totals and teams with the highest totals were recognized.

This year’s winners:

First place: Carla Ayala, who logged 1,576,416 steps.

Second place: J. Guadalupe Ventura, 1,563,863 steps

Third Place: Kent Mire 1,208,513 steps.

The winning team was the DMC Frogs, who averaged 758,000 steps per member.

This year more than 1,000 faculty and staff members participated in the challenge. Of those, only about 50 or so made the awards ceremony to chow down on the bounty of goodies. One Brite staffer quipped “I hope they don’t make us walk a mile for eating all this.”

No worries. To the walkers, go the spoils.

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