Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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TCU has a reputation for nurturing writers and a quick read through the winners of this year’s Creative Writing Wards is proof that the tradition continues.

The winning entries, announced Tuesday in the English Department's annual ceremony, showcase Frog talent across a broad spectrum of literary forms. From an essay by undergrad Kelly Hanson titled "People You See on the Tube While Studying Abroad in London," winner of the Bill Camfield Memorial Award for Humor and Satire to the reflective poem "The Deployment of My Kid Brother" by alum John Wood, '08, now in law school in New York City and winner of the Margie Boswell Poetry Award.

Alex Lemon, a lecturer in the English Department, announced the winners while David Kuhne, editor of TCU literary magazine descant, gave out the coveted checks. Ray Gonzalez, a Texas-born poet who now teaches creative writing at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, was the keynote speaker.

“You know that movie “Fargo,” it’s all true,” he deadpanned to the audience, alluding to the award-winning film that celebrated the stoic residents of the upper MidWest. “So is “Grumpy Old Men.’ But it’s also a beautiful place, particularly the upper part of the state by Lake Superior, north of Duluth.”

Gonzalez read a selection of his poems including those that celebrated the area around El Paso, where he grew up, and other parts of south Texas. He was invited to speak by Lemon, a former student of his who has made his mentor’s work required reading for his TCU students.

Other winners announced were:
Woman’s Wednesday Club Award for Undergraduate Fiction: Elora Davis.

Woman’s Wednesday Club Award for a Research Paper: Daryl Nelson.

Sigma Tau Delta Essay Award: Catherine Paris.

The AddRan English 10803 Award: Jason Lam.

Harry Opperman Short Story Contest: Rhamy Paine.

Thursday Group TCU Women Exes Award for Non-fiction Prose: Emily Cody.

The C.S. Lewis Prize for Christina Literature: Sarah Dombrowsky

Siddie Joe Johnson Poetry Award: Sarah Dombrowsky

The Nancy Evans Memorial Award for Texas Writing: Kelly Hanson.

Kurt Lee Hornbeck Poetry Award: Alicia Frinak

The Betsy Colquitt Graduate Poetry Award: Larisa Asaeli

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