Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Commentary from a green Frog

In today's Austin American Statesman, TCU alum Jim Marston '75 offers a biting critique of the Texas Board of Education's decision to require teachers to lecture on arguments against the existence of global warming.

Marston, director of Environmental Defense Fund's Texas office and national director of the group's State Climate Initiatives program, argues that the decision will negatively impact Texas students' prospects for the future and the state's reputation in an increasingly competitive science and technology-based economy.

"At a time when the states are competing for the biggest pieces of the "green" tech revolution that offers the best hope for reviving our economy and laying the groundwork for a prosperous, post-fossil fuel future, the board's stance is, to say the least, not helpful," he writes.

A graduate of New York University Law School, Marston is also president of the Texas League of Conservation Voters, president of the board of directors of the Texas Observer, and
chairman of the Central Texas Clean Air Force.

Check out his commentary here

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